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Youth are the pillars of our nation. The fate of the future generation depends on the activities of the present youth. There are several issues and problems the present youth are facing & it cuts across education, socio-political, economic, unemployment, corruption & many other issues that impact their choice of careers & ultimately their lives. These issues & problems are deeply rooted to education at a fundamental level. These issues can be solved upto some extent if there is an academic revolution from the grassroots level. The question is how do we proceed? Some of the major problems are highlighted as follows: a large number of youth in rural & hill areas do not have access to proper education. At the same time, a large number of students in urban areas are not given proper guidance for pursuing higher education. Generally education upto Class X in our country is considered to be basic education (where students are taught all subjects science, social-science & other necessary subjects), which are the foundation of various professions at different streams. Afer Class X, students have the option to choose different streams in Class XI & XII which will ultimately set their career path.

This stage is the most delicate & the most crucial stage of a youth’s life. It is critical for students coming from different socio-economical background to choose their courses leading to the higher studies they choose to pursue for future profession & careers which will provide them the overall satisfaction.

Lamjing Meira is a platform for mentoring, career guidance, expert discussion, exchange of ideas and integration of thoughts which will provide resources and information to support the students (youth) & in the process help achieve their career goals, thereby leading to a suitable profession. It will also help the youth who are lost in the world of options to streamline their careers & decide which path to take. Our core belief is that a continuous analysis of the present situation & a healthy debate amongst all the stakeholders will help in identifying viable solutions for our society as a whole.

Confluence 2018 is a humble attempt in that regard. Through this event, our team wants to shape the future of our society one student at a time. Our goal is to bring successful Manipuris across the globe under one roof so that they can share their experiences. Lamjing Meira firmly believes that if the students are exposed to such successful individuals with roots in our society, they will be inspired several times over. It is going to be a long journey but we know if we start today, we will definitely achieve our vision in the near future.

Confluence 2018

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Empowering Youth

Jogesh Jain is an Employability Coach based in Mumbai, India. He has touched the lives of 5000+ students with his sessions in last five years. His research about Employability is widespread and encompasses twenty-five top economies of the world. Future skills are the need of the hour. Jogesh is simultaneously working on children so that they imbibe Employability Skills at a childhood level. The customized summer camps are designed keeping the 3 C’s in mind—Confidence, Courage and Competence. Apart from being an Employability Coach, Jogesh also focuses on the overall development of a child. Choosing the right career is the starting point for a child for getting into a corporation. Jogesh has helped hundreds of students make right career choices. He uses multiple assessment and personality tests, which are combined to bring out the desired output. Jogesh believes that if ‘Nature’ and ‘Nurture’ are mixed, you get ‘Success’ and ‘Happiness’.

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